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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Answers from Google why this blog has been removed


Withing 12 hours, I already got a second email from Google (listed at the bottom), but I am still puzzled...

They said I was not complying with the Terms of Service, but I don't see exactly where (as I don't advocate hatred, don't have adult content nor sell dubious stuff.)

Can comments in my blog be of such a kind that they can infringe the Terms of Service? IMHO, there were no such comments.

Yet since all my blogs except 1 blogs are gone, something must have caused it.

I am only 3 months using Blogger and got overexcited in the beginning: starting about 25 blogs. Managed only about 5 to keep active of which 1 very active, so I can imagine Blogger claiming back the unused blogs.

But then, why also claim back the active blogs?

I did get a warning 14th of june that a new blog was considered as spam. The strange thing is that "this spam blog" is now the only blog visible on my blogger dashboard. I wish that one got deleted. Now it is waiting for approval, so I cannot even delete it myself, quite ironic.

I am quite puzzled but happoy that Blogger is answering :)

Bloggers second email answer with link to the Terms of Service

Hi Stef,

We have removed your blogs and/or disabled your Blogger account due to the fact that you have been misusing our service. Based on our records, there are a number of blogs that are not compliant with our Terms of Service ( This behavior is not looked upon favorably.

The Blogger Team

So I am now trying to find out what exactly I did wrong, as I don't have any intention to violate any TOS.


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