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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Making online money with affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are basically:

  • You put a link on your website,

  • people click on the link

  • if they purchase something on that new website,

  • you have made online money!

Affiliate links are fairly easy to set up: the affiliate will give you the html code you need to add on your website where you want to make some more money.

Affiliate links are fairly quick found if you "blindly" add links to affiliates.


The success of making money online is booming with the so called "contextual targeted ads".

(You can read more about making money with contextual targeted ads

Because: if you surf the web, you are most likely to go to the next page following a link that tells you more about the subject you are reading about.

The problem with Affiliate programs is: you now need to "go out there" and find links that are related to the topic that you are writing about.

Piece of cake you say... I just go to those well know affiliates, and use some of their affiliate links and tadaa: I will be making money in no time....

To give you an example: read the affiliate I am trying to promote now for more than 3 months, and not 1 single cent did I earn here.

  • websites having a lot of visitors

  • websites that are related to the link of the affiliate

  • affiliate links that are on the mind of a lot of people (that's what adult friends finder is earning revenue from...)

Another quick and easy way to make money is eating... and eating we do every day, so how easy is it to eat and make money at the same time? As easy as clicking here! How does this quick and easy way to make money really works?

Go to your favorite search engine and type in : "web affiliate programs", click on a few "web affiliate programs" results and have a look what is happening there. And if you like what you see, subscribe yourself in that web affiliate program.

What is affiliate marketing all about, what are online affiliate marketing programs? What are Internet affiliate programs, how to become an online affiliate programmer...?

Keep it short and simple : all these affiliate program managers are summarized as follows:

  • the online affiliate program website has a "big box" with a bunch of products from a bunch of sellers

  • when you sign up for the online affiliate program website : you look in the box for stuff that fits your website.

  • once you have chosen your products, you get a "link" to paste on your website. Each time somebody clicks on the link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

Or even more simple :

    What is affiliate marketing?

    You look for stuff you think your webvisitors are likely to buy. This makes you a "salesman" or "saleswoman" and you earn a commission with every sale.

Quick and easy ways to make money just signed up at : , one of those "big boxes" full of stuff to sell.

Quick and easy ways to make money is a site about making money, so I look in the big box for product that make money. And I find the following : eat and make money...

In the box I found that you can quick and easy make money while eating. And you can start doing so by going to this site : quick and easy ways to make money while eating!

"Yeah right" you say : what is the catch. The "catch" is a win-win situation: in order to start earning money like that, you pay 25 dollar first. So somebody else made money now.

In return, this "somebody else" again has a box: a box with tasks to do and each task completed earns you money. The fun part is : you choose tasks that you love to do: do what you love and make money with it, that's the biggest secret of all people rich!

So how? Suppose you like eating, so you choose for the : make money with eating tasks. At least once a week you will get an assignment to go to a restaurant, have a FREE meal, get paid $20 an hour , and give your opinion of the service and facilities. You do them a favor and they will actually pay you to have a free meal!. Restaurants of choice are : Lone Star Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Outback, ....

Interested to eat for free and get paid for your feedback? Then sign up at quick and easy ways to make money while eating!


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