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Monday, July 17, 2006

SEO secrets vs SEO techniques

seo software

SEO techniques

Seo techniques are kind of "recipes for success in a non-developing search engine era". Meaning: these SEO techniques are the tools to rank number 1 in the search-engine today (and a lot of them unfortunately: to have a high ranking in the search engine yesterday...

SEO secrets

seo secretsRanking number 1 in a search engine depends on how the search engine gives value to a website compared with the search keywords somebody typed in. The highest important website will rank number 1 in the search engines.

Before the Google era, there was a short period of time that the highest important website was the one paying the highest amount of money... As soon as this secret was out: people started to shout "boooooo" to these kind of SEO techniques. IN response there came the answer of the search engine page results:

  • some space on the SERP with "normal websites" and

  • some space on the SERP for paying websites

SEO and Search Engine evolution

As long as people don't say "boooooo" to the first ranking website, it means the Search Engine is working fine. As Soon as people say "booooo" to the first ranking website, it means that "somebody broke the code". Which code?

  • old "already cracked" codes of e.g. I pay so I rank higher

  • the code of common sense: If I look for concrete bricks but the search engine gives me an adult page back, that's not very common sense like.

  • the code of the SE itself (this is a form of Search Engine spam..., but if you wear a suit and tie, you call it SEO

SEO is what exactly?

Search Engine Optimization is getting your website on top of the search engine without being "boooooo-ed" at. There are 2 ways of SEO:

  • trying to break the code of the Search engine:

    • advantage: you can rank high very fast using software tricks and techniques

    • disadvantage: if you get a "boooooo", your website could be punished and thrown far down or out of the Search engine

  • trying to be a winner in the eyes of the people that are searching for you

    • advantage: if you are ranking first, you have a fair chance to stay first, because you deserve to be first (you are the favorite of the search engine AND the search engine visitors agree with that)

    • disadvantage: you can only rank high using people skills: providing the visitors that are looking for your site the exact content they expect to find for a high ranking website

SEO software

Most of the SEO software is in the first SEO category: trying to break the code of the Search engine. There is a lot of SEO software out there, but be aware of the disadvantages:

  • they have no guarantee that using them will get you ranked number 1

  • if the Search Engine feels he is scr#$&d by another software, he will make sure that it won't happen again and that the website ranking number 1 will be punished (thrown deep down or out the search engine)

I can hear you thinking: if it is so bad: then why is it sold in the first place? Because it is a quick and easy way to make money! Sell some SEO software, grab the money, try to update the SEO software for as long as you can, (ask extra money for the upgrade!) until you cannot beat the Search Engine anymore, or until you have bought your dreamhouse and all that comes with it :)!


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