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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How real is: Quick and easy money?

Remember the Bible where Jesus gives 5 money-coins to a person, 3 money-coins to another person and 1 money-coins to a 3th person?

  • The person with 1 money coin, just digs it in the ground and does nothing...and makes nothing

  • The 2 other persons re-invest their money and double their income....


  • if you do nothing, you gain nothing.

  • the more you have to invest (time and/or money), the more you can gain

Also be aware: the big pooha about the Internet making lots of money is long over. Many start a website hoping to make quick and easy money... to find out that after a few weeks, the big money revenue doesn't come. After a year they don't see the point in re-newing their domain-name and give up...

Nevertheless you still see a lot of websites out here! And some of them are still making a decent income. Of course: if you have a massive staff backing up a website like CNN, that will bring in the big money.

But even if you are doing all by yourself: it can earn you a nice part-time income. All you need is:

  • a passion

  • enough discipline to put a certain amount of effort a day

  1. A product or service: "something" that people want

  2. The online technology to sell and deliver it

  3. Traffic that brings visitors to your site

  4. Converting those visitors into customers and money

Learning to make money online requires mastering each of these four elements.

However, the order and the way in which you learn these four elements is what determines your success or failure in making money online.

You just don't step out of bed and go to a shop, you put your clothes on, brush your teeth... all very logical.

Same applies to an online business: it is made up of simple steps that make up the whole business strategy.

Making money online is just like everything else in life: it's NOT a free lunch.  You have to learn what works by learning fast what doesn't work. You need to be willing to invest the time and effort to study successful people and then do what they do, or even do better. Don't do exactly what others do. but learn from how they do it!

Which strategy you could follow, we will discuss in our next post about making money online: the right online business strategy.


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