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Friday, July 28, 2006

Learn when you earn strategy

Making money online is all about:

  • attracting visitors

  • converting visitors' behavior in action that makes revenue

How to earn and learn?

Start as usual with your passion: what you like is what you can persevere in doing!

Make a website about your passion: make it as nice as you can and at least 20 pages of good, original content. Since it is your passion, you should be able to keep on talking about your passion, yet 20 pages will do to start. Think of it : a baby cannot have a job, but a teenager can: 20 pages of good content is a "teenager" in website-jargon.

What makes money the fastest?

Again, fast doesn't mean that the dollars come rolling in. Fast money means that the first cents are rolling in! Again: a teenager normally doesn't earn lots of money, so your teenager site wont earn much money either. But it can teach you real time what it takes to convert visitors into consumers.

Once you've learned the basics (and made some money), you can move on to:

  • creating or selling your own products

  • add more content on your website to attract more visitors or keep your regular visitors coming back

What is your first "Internet money course"?

If you have nothing to sell, and your website is fairly young, then there are ways of making your first money:

  • selling affiliate material

  • putting advertisements on your website

These 2 ways of making some money (again, in the beginning we are talking cents, not dollars) will teach you:

  • money comes with more visitors

  • how to convert visitors' action to make you money

  • how to attract more visitors

As soon as you see:

  • an increase in visitors

  • an increase in revenue,

  • your cents are turning into dollars each day

  • and you are still happy with what you are doing,

then you are ready to make a nice part-time income online.


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