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Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to learn when you earn: advertisements for the non-salesperson

Are you a non-salesperson? What is a non-salesperson? You are a non-salesperson if:

  • you hate selling

  • you hate phoning

  • you never sold anything

  • you get scared hearing the word salesperson

  • you don't know anything about grooming, marketing

  • you don't believe in the expression: the client is king

If one or all of the above applies on you, then consider yourself not a full salesperson. On the Internet, a lot of these non-salespeople end up as ad publishers.

What is an ad publisher?

It's a big sales-word :) ... It basically means you have a website, other people put their ads on your website and you earn revenue for hosting these ads.

In the early days, you needed again all sales-persons' skill in order to sell your ad-space. Nowadays, the ads come to you! At least, it is as easy as that.

How do you get ads on your site without any hassle?

There are a few "a lot of advertisements bags" out there. You kind of tell these bags:

"eh: I have some space for advertisements on my website",

and the bag says

"ok, put this HTML code on your website and tadaa, you get ads from my bag!"

In other words: There are a few big advertising guys out there like Adbrite, Adsense, Chitika, Clicksor, eBay, MSN ads, Text-Link-Ads, Yahoo ads: you look for them in your favorite search engine, go to their website, sign up for free and depending on your choice and HTML skills, you are up and running with ads on your website.

The difference amongst these "make money with advertisement services" is:

  • customer service: some you can call, some you must email and seemingly only get an electronic answer

  • payment amount: some pay out when you reach 20 dollars of revenue, others pay out when you reach 100 dollars of revenue

  • website requirements: some tell you what your website may not show, some have a look if you reach a minimum amount of visitors

  • the ads shown: some ads mimic automatically the content of your site: the so called contextual ads

  • and the type of ad-revenue...

You earn advertisement revenue when:

  • somebody follows the link of the ad you show


  • somebody watches the page where the ad is on


  • every day the ads runs on your page

Advantages of earning money with advertisements compared with affiliates

You don't have to do much prospects: as soon as you get accepted you can start adding advertisements (this can take at most 2 days before the ads really show up). After the ads show up: you can concentrate completely on improving your revenue.

Compared to affiliate revenue, advertisement revenue starts to show much faster.

Dis-Advantages of earning money with advertisements compared with affiliates

The revenue made by each ad is very very small compared to the commission you earn from affiliates. So here it is all about a big number of small revenue, where the affiliate goes for a little number of big revenues.

Which advertisement service to choose?

If you don't know where to start and you feel confident about yourself, start with Adsense: they are kind of the mother of all contextual advertisements and have the longest experience in providing you with ads that are very well related to the content of your website.

You need to know that Adsense is huge, so if you are a newbie, expect to be treated as a newbie when it comes to asking questions. Yet they do have a good newsgroup of people helping you out with a lot of your day to day Adsense questions.

If you like a more personal approach , then go for Adbrite. They are new but make up for that with having a telephone hotline.


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