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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Making money by giving training

First rule of SEO: use your passion or expertise

If you have the expertise and the passion to write a website, why not going offline and sell your expertise and passion? Selling means here: give training, give classes, give courses.

What makes money?

How to make money? How to get rich? ... What makes money is usually a good idea. Not just a good idea, but a good idea  that with a lot of passion finds its way to the consumer.

If you say: a good idea, then you are talking making money with your brains. I don't mean this in the normal sense of making money with hard labour versus making money with a university degree. I mean: think out of the box and come up with an idea that nobody has had before. Remember the sell ads by the pixel? This not even graduated student is already making money by the million pixels he sold! 1 pixel for 1 dollar and he did it in less than a year: the best example of quick and easy ways of making money...!

Now if you are not as creative (like I am), but you do have something to teach: go and start giving training. All now depends on how your country's laws are made. Yet you don't need to have a masters degree to open your own classes about things people want to learn:

  • for a price that is lower than what is the normal market-price

  • for a knowledge or skill they cannot learn in their neighbourhood (that's why private training comes to your house)

  • for a knowledge or skill not many people master

And vice versa, if you already are make money with giving training, why not start a website about training like: Java Programming Training

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