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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Do you start a blog or website?

If you don't understand well what is said in this make money blog, it's because I didn't explain well, so please ask a question in the comments!

how to start a blogHow to start a blog: try blogger or blogspot: like this blog: it takes a few minutes to get started and a few decades to finish :)

If you have no real idea what you are going to write about, and you have not a clue what HTML is all about, then you have the 2 best reasons for starting a blog. The blog software will organize the blog for you, no HTML needed. Of course, if you want to go deeper, then both website and blog needs some HTML knowledge. But it is fun to start a blog just like that!

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Blogger Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

I started a blog and knew nothing about HTML - oculdn't even spell it! But with the teachings of a mentor from this blog and
I have learned so much, reasonably fast and amazingly simple - like it says - it only takes a minute to open, but a lifetime to finish. But it is fun, educational and even some income to be earned.

6:04 PM  

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