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Friday, July 28, 2006

How to learn when you earn: the salesperson

Are you a salesperson? What is a salesperson? You are a salesperson if:

  • you are selling stuff for your profession

  • as a kid in school you loved to sell small things to get more pocket money

  • you roam markets and garage-sales, finding a bargain cleaning it and resell it

  • you just looooove sales

If one of the above applies on you, then consider yourself a salesperson. On the Internet, a lot of

salespeople end up as affiliates.

How to earn affiliate revenue

You earn affiliate income by:

  • selling or

  • promoting other people's products

through your own website and

  • collecting commissions.

Like any salesperson knows: if you are good and selling a lot, you can make a good income...

You also know that:

  • the salesperson selling houses earns a much higher commission than

  • the salesperson selling eggs on the market.

On the other had: the salesperson selling houses maybe has a few sales a year, where the salesperson selling eggs has a few baskets of eggs sold each day. This means depending on what you sell:

  • you earn a lot of small commission each day or

  • you earn a few big commissions month

Remember that in the beginning of being an affiliate: you are in the second group:

  • you only earn a few commissions each month if all goes well.

Knowing this, you need to give yourself at least half a year in order to evaluate if you are learning and earning! If you don't have this patience, you are not a salesperson and you better choose making revenue with advertisement as your "learn when you earn" strategy.

What affiliate products do you sell?

You sell:

  • what you are passionate about

  • what is "good in the online market"

  • what you obviously know inside out

What is good in the online market: do you buy a watch online? Not yet. Do you buy a book online? You might. That's why there is selling books through affiliates and you don't hear about people selling Rolex watches online...

So start with products that are already successful. You eliminate the risk of promoting products that people may not want. In addition, your website keeps simple: the transactions with the customers are handled by the third- party site you affiliate yourself with.

Difficulty with affiliate products...

You are recommending a product, so you need to know your product. A good salesperson listen to his client and solves the clients questions with the possibilities of the product. I mean: do you buy something from a salesperson that cannot answer one single question about the product he or she is selling?

So if you are a salesperson: you need to do your homework: know what you are selling. This can be difficult as that sometimes means you need to purchase the item you are promoting yourself first. So be prepared to invest not only time but also money in the products you are recommending.

Know the product you recommend in order to sell!

How to become an affiliate?

Making money as an affiliate requires a simple copy and paste of the HTML code provided by the third party you affiliate yourself with. Mostly it has a little picture with a link to the third party you affiliate yourself with. Like:
"To buy this item: click here"  

Your visitors then reach the product you recommend on the third-party website. That is the first step, but:

  • you don't have any money earned yet and

  • your visitor left your site.

Now you have to sit and wait... If you told the truth about the product you were recommending, then this visitor could buy the product. Only when this visitor makes a purchase, your collect your commission.

So what is keeping you from starting to be an affiliate? Your own website of course! How to set up a cheap (or free), good, decent website we will tackle in the post after the next post.

In our next post we will explain:

how to learn and earn when you are not a salesperson.

Learn when you earn strategy

Making money online is all about:

  • attracting visitors

  • converting visitors' behavior in action that makes revenue

How to earn and learn?

Start as usual with your passion: what you like is what you can persevere in doing!

Make a website about your passion: make it as nice as you can and at least 20 pages of good, original content. Since it is your passion, you should be able to keep on talking about your passion, yet 20 pages will do to start. Think of it : a baby cannot have a job, but a teenager can: 20 pages of good content is a "teenager" in website-jargon.

What makes money the fastest?

Again, fast doesn't mean that the dollars come rolling in. Fast money means that the first cents are rolling in! Again: a teenager normally doesn't earn lots of money, so your teenager site wont earn much money either. But it can teach you real time what it takes to convert visitors into consumers.

Once you've learned the basics (and made some money), you can move on to:

  • creating or selling your own products

  • add more content on your website to attract more visitors or keep your regular visitors coming back

What is your first "Internet money course"?

If you have nothing to sell, and your website is fairly young, then there are ways of making your first money:

  • selling affiliate material

  • putting advertisements on your website

These 2 ways of making some money (again, in the beginning we are talking cents, not dollars) will teach you:

  • money comes with more visitors

  • how to convert visitors' action to make you money

  • how to attract more visitors

As soon as you see:

  • an increase in visitors

  • an increase in revenue,

  • your cents are turning into dollars each day

  • and you are still happy with what you are doing,

then you are ready to make a nice part-time income online.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How real is: Quick and easy money?

Remember the Bible where Jesus gives 5 money-coins to a person, 3 money-coins to another person and 1 money-coins to a 3th person?

  • The person with 1 money coin, just digs it in the ground and does nothing...and makes nothing

  • The 2 other persons re-invest their money and double their income....


  • if you do nothing, you gain nothing.

  • the more you have to invest (time and/or money), the more you can gain

Also be aware: the big pooha about the Internet making lots of money is long over. Many start a website hoping to make quick and easy money... to find out that after a few weeks, the big money revenue doesn't come. After a year they don't see the point in re-newing their domain-name and give up...

Nevertheless you still see a lot of websites out here! And some of them are still making a decent income. Of course: if you have a massive staff backing up a website like CNN, that will bring in the big money.

But even if you are doing all by yourself: it can earn you a nice part-time income. All you need is:

  • a passion

  • enough discipline to put a certain amount of effort a day

  1. A product or service: "something" that people want

  2. The online technology to sell and deliver it

  3. Traffic that brings visitors to your site

  4. Converting those visitors into customers and money

Learning to make money online requires mastering each of these four elements.

However, the order and the way in which you learn these four elements is what determines your success or failure in making money online.

You just don't step out of bed and go to a shop, you put your clothes on, brush your teeth... all very logical.

Same applies to an online business: it is made up of simple steps that make up the whole business strategy.

Making money online is just like everything else in life: it's NOT a free lunch.  You have to learn what works by learning fast what doesn't work. You need to be willing to invest the time and effort to study successful people and then do what they do, or even do better. Don't do exactly what others do. but learn from how they do it!

Which strategy you could follow, we will discuss in our next post about making money online: the right online business strategy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

SEO secrets vs SEO techniques

seo software

SEO techniques

Seo techniques are kind of "recipes for success in a non-developing search engine era". Meaning: these SEO techniques are the tools to rank number 1 in the search-engine today (and a lot of them unfortunately: to have a high ranking in the search engine yesterday...

SEO secrets

seo secretsRanking number 1 in a search engine depends on how the search engine gives value to a website compared with the search keywords somebody typed in. The highest important website will rank number 1 in the search engines.

Before the Google era, there was a short period of time that the highest important website was the one paying the highest amount of money... As soon as this secret was out: people started to shout "boooooo" to these kind of SEO techniques. IN response there came the answer of the search engine page results:

  • some space on the SERP with "normal websites" and

  • some space on the SERP for paying websites

SEO and Search Engine evolution

As long as people don't say "boooooo" to the first ranking website, it means the Search Engine is working fine. As Soon as people say "booooo" to the first ranking website, it means that "somebody broke the code". Which code?

  • old "already cracked" codes of e.g. I pay so I rank higher

  • the code of common sense: If I look for concrete bricks but the search engine gives me an adult page back, that's not very common sense like.

  • the code of the SE itself (this is a form of Search Engine spam..., but if you wear a suit and tie, you call it SEO

SEO is what exactly?

Search Engine Optimization is getting your website on top of the search engine without being "boooooo-ed" at. There are 2 ways of SEO:

  • trying to break the code of the Search engine:

    • advantage: you can rank high very fast using software tricks and techniques

    • disadvantage: if you get a "boooooo", your website could be punished and thrown far down or out of the Search engine

  • trying to be a winner in the eyes of the people that are searching for you

    • advantage: if you are ranking first, you have a fair chance to stay first, because you deserve to be first (you are the favorite of the search engine AND the search engine visitors agree with that)

    • disadvantage: you can only rank high using people skills: providing the visitors that are looking for your site the exact content they expect to find for a high ranking website

SEO software

Most of the SEO software is in the first SEO category: trying to break the code of the Search engine. There is a lot of SEO software out there, but be aware of the disadvantages:

  • they have no guarantee that using them will get you ranked number 1

  • if the Search Engine feels he is scr#$&d by another software, he will make sure that it won't happen again and that the website ranking number 1 will be punished (thrown deep down or out the search engine)

I can hear you thinking: if it is so bad: then why is it sold in the first place? Because it is a quick and easy way to make money! Sell some SEO software, grab the money, try to update the SEO software for as long as you can, (ask extra money for the upgrade!) until you cannot beat the Search Engine anymore, or until you have bought your dreamhouse and all that comes with it :)!

    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Making online money with affiliate programs?

    Affiliate programs are basically:

    • You put a link on your website,

    • people click on the link

    • if they purchase something on that new website,

    • you have made online money!

    Affiliate links are fairly easy to set up: the affiliate will give you the html code you need to add on your website where you want to make some more money.

    Affiliate links are fairly quick found if you "blindly" add links to affiliates.


    The success of making money online is booming with the so called "contextual targeted ads".

    (You can read more about making money with contextual targeted ads

    Because: if you surf the web, you are most likely to go to the next page following a link that tells you more about the subject you are reading about.

    The problem with Affiliate programs is: you now need to "go out there" and find links that are related to the topic that you are writing about.

    Piece of cake you say... I just go to those well know affiliates, and use some of their affiliate links and tadaa: I will be making money in no time....

    To give you an example: read the affiliate I am trying to promote now for more than 3 months, and not 1 single cent did I earn here.

    • websites having a lot of visitors

    • websites that are related to the link of the affiliate

    • affiliate links that are on the mind of a lot of people (that's what adult friends finder is earning revenue from...)

    Another quick and easy way to make money is eating... and eating we do every day, so how easy is it to eat and make money at the same time? As easy as clicking here! How does this quick and easy way to make money really works?

    Go to your favorite search engine and type in : "web affiliate programs", click on a few "web affiliate programs" results and have a look what is happening there. And if you like what you see, subscribe yourself in that web affiliate program.

    What is affiliate marketing all about, what are online affiliate marketing programs? What are Internet affiliate programs, how to become an online affiliate programmer...?

    Keep it short and simple : all these affiliate program managers are summarized as follows:

    • the online affiliate program website has a "big box" with a bunch of products from a bunch of sellers

    • when you sign up for the online affiliate program website : you look in the box for stuff that fits your website.

    • once you have chosen your products, you get a "link" to paste on your website. Each time somebody clicks on the link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

    Or even more simple :

      What is affiliate marketing?

      You look for stuff you think your webvisitors are likely to buy. This makes you a "salesman" or "saleswoman" and you earn a commission with every sale.

    Quick and easy ways to make money just signed up at : , one of those "big boxes" full of stuff to sell.

    Quick and easy ways to make money is a site about making money, so I look in the big box for product that make money. And I find the following : eat and make money...

    In the box I found that you can quick and easy make money while eating. And you can start doing so by going to this site : quick and easy ways to make money while eating!

    "Yeah right" you say : what is the catch. The "catch" is a win-win situation: in order to start earning money like that, you pay 25 dollar first. So somebody else made money now.

    In return, this "somebody else" again has a box: a box with tasks to do and each task completed earns you money. The fun part is : you choose tasks that you love to do: do what you love and make money with it, that's the biggest secret of all people rich!

    So how? Suppose you like eating, so you choose for the : make money with eating tasks. At least once a week you will get an assignment to go to a restaurant, have a FREE meal, get paid $20 an hour , and give your opinion of the service and facilities. You do them a favor and they will actually pay you to have a free meal!. Restaurants of choice are : Lone Star Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Outback, ....

    Interested to eat for free and get paid for your feedback? Then sign up at quick and easy ways to make money while eating!

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Answers from Google why this blog has been removed


    Withing 12 hours, I already got a second email from Google (listed at the bottom), but I am still puzzled...

    They said I was not complying with the Terms of Service, but I don't see exactly where (as I don't advocate hatred, don't have adult content nor sell dubious stuff.)

    Can comments in my blog be of such a kind that they can infringe the Terms of Service? IMHO, there were no such comments.

    Yet since all my blogs except 1 blogs are gone, something must have caused it.

    I am only 3 months using Blogger and got overexcited in the beginning: starting about 25 blogs. Managed only about 5 to keep active of which 1 very active, so I can imagine Blogger claiming back the unused blogs.

    But then, why also claim back the active blogs?

    I did get a warning 14th of june that a new blog was considered as spam. The strange thing is that "this spam blog" is now the only blog visible on my blogger dashboard. I wish that one got deleted. Now it is waiting for approval, so I cannot even delete it myself, quite ironic.

    I am quite puzzled but happoy that Blogger is answering :)

    Bloggers second email answer with link to the Terms of Service

    Hi Stef,

    We have removed your blogs and/or disabled your Blogger account due to the fact that you have been misusing our service. Based on our records, there are a number of blogs that are not compliant with our Terms of Service ( This behavior is not looked upon favorably.

    The Blogger Team

    So I am now trying to find out what exactly I did wrong, as I don't have any intention to violate any TOS.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Blog deleted?

    This blog was removed from my blogger dashboard the 11th of juli 2006,

    we have asked blogger help for HELP :-)