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Monday, September 25, 2006

How to start making money online?

  • seo mapIf people go visit a new country or a new city, they take a map: a plan of the city.

  • If people want to build a house, they start with a plan: follow instructions build what you intend to build.

  • If people want to make money online... they often start without any plan... ???

What is your online business plan?

"I want to be rich and I want it fast"

... Yeah right!

Before you go any further: define "rich" and "fast"

  • After the tsunami in Sri Lanka: it takes only 250$ to built up a new house from scratch! So 1000 dollar means pretty rich in Sri Lanka. But what does it mean for you?

  • After going to school until you are 21 and worked 20 years to get some savings, you can buy your own house depth free. Is 20 years fast for you? Or do you want to earn your house in 1 year/ Is that realistic?

So if you want to make money online: start with an idea of:

  • what you want to earn and

  • how much time you want to make to reach your goal

Having a dream is fine, setting goals must be realistic. There is money to make online, yet it is no goldmine that happens to be in your garden. A very realistic time and money frame for starting to make money online is:

  • make it your part-time job (job! yes, work is needed!)

  • expect 100 dollar after 6 months if you are starting from scratch.

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