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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When to start your online business

You only have a online business...
when you have a online business


What I want to say is:

Start small yet start now!

start your online business

If you are new in online businesses and websites, then start from scratch. Get yourself a free website and start working!

Worldwide you can use free websites. Like me, you can use this blogger service. Or if you live in Malaysia, you can try here you can sell products without worrying about bandwidth or design...

Technology doesn't bring in money!

Keep things simple!

There is simply no money to be made in learning the nerds' technologies.

Money is made by driving traffic to your site and converting it into customers and money.

Because of this, you should spend no more than 10% of your time on technology issues. The other 90% of your efforts need to be focused on traffic and conversion.

When designing your website, keep your concept simple. Focus on creating a website that is simple to navigate and where the information is logically accessible. Don't waste your time with flash, whistles and other bells... (unless that is what you are selling of course...)

Create more than 1 site if you have more than 1 product

"Familybooksandbargains" was the name of 1 of the visitors of this Quick and easy ways to make money site.


  • family books

  • bargains

You cannot promote 2 things in the same shop, unless you have a supermarket, ( and there they make sure to promote much more than only 2 items).

So focus 1 website on 1 product:

  • one website selling family books

  • one website teaching people were to find bargains

Why 2 websites? Because visitors love to browse on a website that is on topic when it comes to sales. People also love to browse on gossip site with 1001 topics, but there they browse for the fun of passing time, kind of window-shopping.

In the familybooksandbargains example: You want to convert your visitors into revenue: people wanting to buy family books, need to be focused 100% on family books. People buy books in a bookshop! People don't want to waste time in reading about bargains of all different kinds... (unless you have books on bargains, but then again we are talking books!)

We live in a fast society: give people what they expect to find, and they go away a happy customer!

What about a business plan?

I bet you read or heard about: you need a plan before you start a business. This is true! So the plan is the following:

Try part time for free and see:

  • start a free website now about your passion

  • sell affiliate products or advertising space

  • try to attract visitors (e.g. start following the step by
    step instructions on Ranking high on search engine)

Give this a timeframe (e.g. 6 months), write down the amount of effort you put into your business and evaluate the amount of revenue that comes out. If after 6 months :

  • you reach a nice revenue (100 dollar is said to be nice for a complete new part time online business),

  • you still love what you are doing

then consider a more complex business strategy for your online business (and you have 100 dollar to re-invest...)


Blogger Save A Little To Save Alot said...

I have deleted my blog (Family Books and Bargains) for that exact reason. I learned to go with one thing - and elaborate on that one thing, instead of multiples. A good thing to learn!

7:39 PM  
Blogger Stef said...

You are most welcome Cheri :) Keep on posting comments with questions, so this blog will be personalized for those who ask!

2:03 AM  

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