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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Internet marketing: Branding and Linking

This is a series of posts as an answer to the comment of Joe Antony received in my previous post. The concept is simple:

If you want me to comment on your blog or website, just ask!

We would appreciate very much a link back on your website referring to our comments on your website with the following HTML code:

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My answers will be published in this blog, focusing on your sites' SEO and Internet marketing.


Trump: a Genius in branding and marketing

"Trump" is a great example of branding. You probably saw an elderly, therefore wise, man on the cover of books about making money...with a very strange, funny hairstyle like in the Amazon-affiliate-link above.

If you live in new York, you can see a helicopter with the word Trump on it, Trump Tower... the Miss Universe contest shows Trump, there is even some Trump ice out there...

Branding and the unconscious choice making

This is a typical example of Branding: the word "trump" is completely absorbed in your brain. So the next time you are in a hurry and need to by an ice-cream: as soon as your eyes see Trump ice, your hands will automatically choose Trump ice...

Branding and the repeated trustworthy choice making

The strength in branding lies in the repeated sale or in simple words in the

"will you buy from me again: YES!" strategy.

Once you are happy with the product "trump", next time you need another product, you first go and have a look if "trump" sells it as well! Just admit: Trump ice doesn't sound inviting to eat if you never heard of Trump. But if you love Trumps Miss Universe, then Trump ice gets a whole different dimension...

Branding and Miss Universe

For those who read my blog before it got deleted from Blogger, you noticed that I talk a lot about Miss Universe. Why? Because it is a typical example of Marketing skills, and Trump seems to agree with me since he bought the whole Miss Universe thing :)

Branding and Cochinblogs

More personal answer on the comment of Joe Antony of cochinblogs. Please Joe put a link back to this blog like:

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"Cochin" is like "Trump": if it is the first time you hear this word, you won't be bothered much.

But the case is not what you know,

the case is:

that when you keep on hearing Cochin, Cochin, Cochin, you will one day make a choice to Cochin!

For those not living on this part of the globe, Cochin is a place in Kerala and that means we are talking India. So I have some kind of clue what I am getting.

Cochin all over

Like Trump Tower, Trump Ice... Joe has "cochinblogs" and "Cochin health care". So if you stick to Cochin as a theme, name your websites accordingly. Why? Because once I am trusting what I read in cochinsblogs, why not one day go to cochin health care: we all need a doctor one day...

What is your theme?

I go to cochinsblog and I see:

  • Joe Antony dressed up nicely,
    (so my brain says : as a respectable
    person's blog)

  • Click for free music
    (so my brain sees : FREE, and music, Joe is in the music business)

  • A button of Spywarenuker
    (so my brain says : Joe is a man of all trades, music and software, he is in IT)

  • An artistic 3D ovary picture
    (so my brain says : Help...)

But I know that Joe posts a comment in Quick and easy ways to make money so my Internet brain says what we all know in Internet-marketing: what does sell is:

Free, sex and protection software.

But does that mean it works for you?

It works for you when it is part of your Internet-strategy:

which is an expensive word to say:
"Your Theme".

If you have a theme and people understand your theme, then you can start selling whatever that fits into your theme. My brain would say for free, sex and protection software in the brand "Cochin" I am interested in purchasing:

  • Free music from Cochin

  • Wallpapers from Cochin babes

  • Protection software made in Cochin

Cochinsblogs: theme conclusion

As always, your blog is your deep personal creation, and like that I don't want to interfere with that. I just give my personal interpretation about the SEO and Internet-marketing point of view.

Since you start your first post with :

I propose to set up Cochin blogs as a site for guiding people to good
hospitals, diagnostic centres
and nursing homes here in Cochin. I also intend to set up pages (on this blog site) to explain sonographic techniques, images etc.,for the medical professionals and the lay person.

I would stick to this theme and post only related posts to it. Posts about Doctors do fit the theme, posts about free music, software and POPwebsites, could be easily ranked into another blog.

Cochinsblogs and making money

How can I make money with cochinsblogs if I have to remove the affiliate links to free music and software?

I know I said in a previous post: you can only make money if you start selling something. So that's rule number 1.

Now I add: I don't expect to see the fresh-eggs-selling-lady in the shopping mall selling her eggs.

Similar: selling the free music on a blog that's about hospitals and nursing homes seems like a fish out of water.

So try to sell something within your theme:

  • for affiliates: you need to spend lots of time to look for products that fit your theme, once you have these products, you are in business

  • for ad publishers: you sign up for contextual based ads: these contextual ads do the research part to fit in your theme and you are in business

In our next post we will tackle more about linking thanks to Joe Antony's question in the comments.

Leave a comment and link back to my site (use the blue HTML code below) once I post an answer, thanks!

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