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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How much dollars is my website's value?

online blog value

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is getting your website "out there" in any way possible. The most known way is SEO your page to the top of the search engine, but that's only 1 way (and therefore not the most easy way).

FREE: give something away

People still believe that there are free things out there... Yet nothing is free: all is done for a reason, and "free" has mostly a marketing reason. Free T-shirts have normally a logo of somebody on it, will be worn and seen by many, so it's kind of free advertising.

What to give away?

Whatever you have and doesn't cost you to much, preferably what costs you nothing. Here you need to be creative. See the Blog Value in my site bar:

online blog value

It says that my website has a value of 22 dollar... It looks cute, it doesn't mean anything since nobody is buying my site... BUT:

it has a link back to whoever made this Blog Value thingy!

And here goes their Internet Marketing: I found the thingy useful and put it on my site, they had to create the thingy with some creative brainpower and very little overhead cost and tadaa: they have a link to their site!

Most common thing to give away these days are free e-books with lots of info and especially lots of links to your website.

  • The content in the ebook and

  • the links  in the ebook

are 2 Internet Marketing tools towards:

  • you and

  • your website.

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