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Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to earn 100 dollar a month?

What do people really earn on the Internet? If you know a public listed online company: you just read their annual statements: the revenue is high! But: they do have a big skilled workforce to back them up...

Be focused!

If you are a on your own, it is a different story.

You cannot expect to be a genie: you cannot be:

  • seo geniea master of SEO and

  • an incredible good salesperson and

  • a genius in writing HTML

  • and the most prominent internet marketing genie all in 1 person...

Most likely you do know a bit of everything and you love some parts more than others. Like me: I am a developer and I love to fine-tune HTML... yet fine-tuning HTML doesn't bring me any revenue!

So every second of your online business day: focus on how to get more revenue:

  • getting more visitors (read 10 Steps SEO at: Ranking high on search engine )

  • presenting more content your visitors are interested in (read more in this blog)

  • presenting content your visitors will return for (read more just below...)

Presenting content your visitors will return for!

You need to have an online conversation with your visitors!

How do I have an online conversation with my visitors in this quick and easy ways to make money site?

  • People can leave a comment, and I answer them

  • I asked people to look for a mentor...

And Cheri from Scrapbook Layout Ideas answered and took the opportunity. Cheri is a stay at home mom, and you can read more online business job ideas at Stay at home mom jobs

Other free available online conversation tools are:

  • polls and

  • a mailing list

How to earn 20 to 100 dollar a month?

online business ideas: rank higher

Whatever you do: set a bar and try to jump over it

Cheri asked me: I do have a lot of visitors visiting my site, yet I am still far away of striking it rich...

The gray words here are:

  • a lot of visitors

  • rich

Lets tackle the "rich" first :

Lots of advertising and affiliates start paying you out when you reach 20 dollar to 100 dollar a month.

In other words:

set your bar
between 20 to 100 dollar a month in the first 6 months of your new online business.

If you set the bar too high, lot's of people just give up before they already started. It's like saying: I want to loose weight, but I want to loose 20 pounds a week... You have to go step by step and keep on stepping to be successful! Every pound gone is a pound of success. Every dollar earned is a dollar earned in success!

Now lets tackle the : "lots of visitors" :

set your bar
to reach 100 page impressions a day in the first 6 months of your new online business.

This is easier said than done, but this bar needs to be high all the time! You cannot sit back and relax when there are no visitors coming to your site.

Why start of with 100?

  • To set the bar and to be focused; you need visitors!!!

  • If you manage to get 100 visitors a day, you have a nice number to do statistics with:

if your affiliate program has the statistics conversion rate of 1%, it means that 1% of the visitors will buy the product. If you have 100 visitors a day, then each day you will sell 1 product!

So try to focus your efforts in getting at least 100 page impressions or 100 visitors a day in the beginning of your online business!

I can hear the genies amongst you saying: eh, 100 page impressions is much easier than 100 unique visitors...

Good! Whatever works for you! But:

  • set a bar you haven't reached yet and try to reach it.

  • As soon as you reach that bar, put the bar higher!

How to get more visitors with SEO?

  • Follow the 10 steps SEO program (1 step a week) at: Ranking high on search engine

  • Interact with your visitors so they come back

  • Come back to this site to read even more techniques in the next post

Please leave a comment so we can answer your question!

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Blogger Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

This is working for me. In 10 days I have almost made what I did all month of July! I am on my way! My focus is high and I would also suggest "excitement" to your efforts. I get excited when someone leaves a comment - that means someone is reading my blog! I must be doing it right, so let me do it again, and again and again!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Stef said...

I agree: keep yourself excited any time you cross a new bar :)

12:13 AM  

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