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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Your title: your most important SEO and Internet Marketing tool

Expectations and titles

Name-cards are a daily part in people's personal marketing strategy.
You get somebody's name-card, you read the persons title like "CEO" or "Clown"... whatever it says...:

  • you accept the CEO's card because you need to do top business

  • you accept the Clown's card because you need a clown on your kids' birthday party

Consider the title of your web page as the name-card of your web page:

Ranking high on search engine

The title of your web page is the first thing people see in the search engine!
If people accept your title, they will go and look to your website!

Your title is also your SEO starting point

Your title:

  • tells you what you need to write on that page

  • tells the search engine and other people what your page is about

  • is all in your hands to optimize for SEO

Read more about how to optimize your web page title in Step 3 of the SEO course at: Ranking high on search engine

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