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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get a live mentor and a mentor-blog!

Online business ideas from a mentor

online business mentors

Now what? Look up for what? You think I am not smart enough to run my own business???

Relax and sit back! 2 people always know more than one. And the best people to learn about business ideas is from people that made it already big in the business. So big, that they are now retired and for the fun of it, just like to help out other people setting up their small business. And yes, they are completely free!

You find them at : they are retired executives from sometimes really big companies who are just there to help you out.

Be serious with your online business before asking!

Don't flick up a website with 3 pages and start asking them how to make lots of money in your sleep.... Be serious with your online business: have an idea what you want to do, how small or medium you are expecting your online business to be. Built up a serious website in order to show them that you mean business. Make sure you cracked your head about a few things like HTML, selling something already or making little revenue, so they have something to built on.

Too small business for a big mentor?

Get yourself a mentor-blog like the one you are reading now. Bookmark it and come back once a week for new ideas!

Too small means: you can only afford 1 hour in a month to make your online business... Or you just started out and have no clue whatsoever...

In this case, you don't bother the big mentors, but you bother the smaller ones... the ones that can help you a bit here, and others that can help you a bit there. These people you find in blogs like this one, in forums and groups. If you start participating in bogs, groups and forums, you will see that the same people will answer questions from a certain difficulty level. The more you learn, the more you get onto their level and become cyber-friends. Then you move on for more difficult questions and another group of people or blogs will start getting familiar...

Once you feel that nobody can answer your questions anymore, then you are ready again for the big mentors.

Get a mentor now!

It is just twice as easy when you can ask people for help, so you can spend your time on attracting more visitors to your online business.


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